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DJ Request Lines

for starters, you can call us (we always pick up the phone). our numbers can be dialed all sorts of ways, depending on where you're calling from.

local call: 684.8870 & 684.8871
outside our area code: 1.919.684.8870 (or 8871)
outside the united states: 00.1.919.684.8870 (or 8871)

DJ Request Form

Let us know what you want to hear, send a shout-out, or just let our hard-working DJs know how much you love them. Just type it in and hit "submit"! Note that DJs are not required to watch the web request line, nor do all DJs take requests. Rest assured, though, persistance in the face of futility is looked upon highly at this station! Add your e-mail address and get an occasional note from our driven promotions department! If you're listening via the internet, let us know where you're from, too!


e-mail (not required):